Selecting the Best Hardtail Mountain Bike

By: Harris

Best hardtail mountain bike mens

Best hardtail mountain bike mens

Selecting the best hardtail mountain bike may be tedious for those who have limited resources and cannot afford to buy a high end mountain bike. There are many things to check when buying a mountain bike. This is especially true if you are a beginner who is buying your first bike. Experienced outdoor bikers have a pretty good idea of what to look for in a mountain bike. Beginners should realize that they are selecting the bike that can help them learn the rudiments of mountain biking. The following are some of the important things to consider when you buy a mountain bike.

Always Choose to Buy One with a Durable Bike Frame

If you want to buy the best hardtail mountain bike that is reliable and can last for a long time, choose one that has a durable frame. The materials used in making the frame are always mentioned when the features of a mountain bike are presented in the internet.  Frames are mostly made of titanium, carbon fiber, carbon steel, alloy or aluminum.

Carbon steel is the cheapest material but bikes made from this material are quite heavy and rust easily.  Steel mixed with chrome and molybdenum results into a metal alloy that is light and sturdy. This material takes longer time to rust and is more durable than carbon steel. Aluminum is also light and less expensive but it cannot withstand too much physical stress and will need the support of an efficient suspension system to make it last.  Carbon and titanium are light and durable but they are quite expensive.

The Type of Suspension Systems Defines the Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes usually have their own suspension systems. Most are built with suspensions on both front and rear wheels. Full suspension mountain bikes have the suspension system built into the bicycle frame. These bikes offer more comfort for their riders as they absorb shocks from both wheels. Hardtails are bikes that only have a front suspension which is mounted on the front fork. In your search for the best hardtail mountain bike, you have to choose the one with a reliable front suspension system.

Other Component Parts of the Mountain Bike

Best hardtail mountain bike ladies

Best hardtail mountain bike ladies

Aside from the frame and suspension system, there are other parts that you should examine when considering the best hardtail mountain bike that you want to buy. These are the wheels, tires, the seat, brakes and the derailleurs. Wheels are usually made by third party manufacturers and may be made of various aluminum alloys. The same is true with derailleurs which are mostly produced by Shimano, a leading bicycle parts maker. The tires, car seat and breaks are important parts that can make the bike more comfortable to ride.

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In selecting the best hardtail mountain bike, many people forget to test drive the bike that they plan to buy. You have to test drive the bike to make sure that you are comfortable in riding it. This is the ultimate test in making sure that the mountain bike is the bicycle that is right for you. [Read more reviews …]


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